Farallon Gin and Farallon Vodka

People buy spirits because they like the bottle, the design, the locale, the story, the makers, or the taste.  Sometimes a spirit comes a long that checks all the boxes.  That is how we feel about Coastal Spirits' Gin Farallon and Vodka Farallon.

Coastal Spirits was born from an affinity for spirits and the excitement surrounding the micro-distilling revolution. 

Gin Farallon, ($34.50) is their flagship product and a New World style gin, crafted in San Carlos CA .  Their unique botanical mix includes piney juniper and spicy coriander together with more non-traditional flavors of cardamom, lavender, cucumber and grapefruit.  It took them over 2 years to develop, but somethings are worth the wait.

Vodka Farallon ($29.50) is small-batch vodka, distilled seven times, micro-filtered, and blended with raw coastal spring water drawn from granite aquifers in Montara. It has a light, creamy sweetness on the palate, with notes of wine grapes and a hint of vanilla, with a mild, peppery finish.

Join us for a tasting, Thursday, June 29th from 4:30 - 6:30 at the shop! 



Hi there. What vermouth would you recommend for a martini with Farallon Gin?


Oct 14, 2017

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