Life comes at you fast y'all! Remember that click-bait Daily Beast article from 2014, the sort of shady one that proclaimed your craft whiskey was sourced from a factory in Indiana? Well that 'factory' went on to be named the 2015 distillery of the year by Whisky Advocate. With the #1 sourced whiskey distiller so christened by the "#1 source for whisky information [and] education," interest and sales spiked in 2016. Beyond having their hands on great whiskey, the folks putting out this whiskey became beloved for bottling to their own geeky ABV specs, many times with well-executed barrel finishes that broke ground in American whiskey production.

So along comes 2017, and like the string of whiskies that gained notoriety overnight before it, well-aged sourced whiskey has become increasingly hard to find. (And by that I mean the kind you want a bottle to enjoy now and a few to cellar away for later, not the aged for a couple of years stuff that is readily available.) In addition to MGP of Indiana, the George Dickel distillery of Tennessee has been selling off quality whiskey recently enough that some still pops up. Barrell is one bottler who seems to have some of this fantastic whiskey on hand in 2017. If you haven't been by the shop in the last week and heard this spiel in person, consider scooping these up before they're as hard to find as a Yamazaki 18.

Barrell 10 Year Bourbon Batch #8b - $83.50, distilled in Tennessee, aged in new American oak, bottled at 64.15% ABV

Barrell 11 Year Whiskey Batch #4 - $64.50, distilled in Indiana and Tennessee, aged in used Ameircan oak, bottled at 60.3% ABV, finished in rum casks and rye barrels

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