Bilaro Amaro

Bilaro Amaro is a labor of love, quite literally.  Husband and wife owners, Susan and Patrick, met in the wine business, but fell in love over Amaro.  After decades back East, and several trips to Italy, they finally came to their senses and moved out West to truly find their spirit.

As wine veterans in wine country, working on a spirit, they naturally gravitated towards a grape distillate for their base. Working with local company Spiritsmith, they sourced West Sonoma grapes and got to work.

The result is a balanced, bracing, and bitter amaro.  Bilaro Amaro is crafted in west Sonoma County, from a premium grape spirit distilled in Sebastopol from local grapes.  The grapes are macerated with 13 different herbs and botanicals in tanks, and then gently rested in barrels for several months before the juice is all bottled by hand.

Come taste the fruits of their labor.  Swing by Thursday and try this North Bay gem, meet the owners, and of course, hang Foggy the Doggy.


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