Bitter Truth 10th Anniversary Edition: Drops & Dashes

After 10 years in the game, Bitter Truth has released four limited edition bitters that pay homage to the traditional bitters production and all-natural botanicals they’ve used from the beginning. Each is themed around a plant element, with that item layered alongside complimentary flavors. They are bottled in glass decanters with a cork stopper and dasher, and once they’re gone, they’ll be gone for good.

bitter truth 10th anniversary drops and dashes bitters

  • ROOTS: Bold notes of burnt licorice in combination with smoked & sweet spices and bitter gentian root. Light floral notes of iris roots give support and supply the balancing high notes to round it off.
  • WOOD: Bone dry aromas of oak wood, Peruvian bark, light spice and fragrant notes of sandalwood. The wood notes are distinctive soft, warm, smooth & creamy, while the aftertaste is full of sweet smoke with a root beer finish.
  • BLOSSOM: Showcases a variety of summer blossoms from around the globe ranging from aromatic jasmine, sweet hibiscus, earthy iris and charismatic lavender. Full of fragile fragrances the flower basket is harmonic and delicate.
  • NUT: Driven by delicate notes of green black walnuts with hints of Muscovado sugar, prunes & raisins in combination with high notes of roasted hazelnuts. Accompanied by aromatics of bitter chocolate and light espresso, the finish delivers gentle notes of cashew nuts and almonds.

Drops & Dashes are $21.50 each and available in the Supplies Shop now!

The Bitter Truth’s 10th anniversary at the “Drops & Dashes” theatre from Living Room Pictures on Vimeo.


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