Real McCoy 12 Year Rums

I’m a sucker for a good turn of phrase, pair the origin story behind an idiom with my other favorite thing, booze, and I’m happier than a pig in shit. So why do we call the genuine article “The Real McCoy?” During Prohibition, an entrepreneurial gentleman named Bill McCoy sailed down to the Caribbean, filled his ship with rum, then opened a liquor store three miles off the NYC coast in international waters. His success inspired competition, but other rum runners had a nasty habit of cutting their product with unsavory additives. By shunning that particular practice, Bill had those Gatsby flappers calling his rum that one that was The Real McCoy.

Inspired by his story, The Real McCoy Spirits Co set out to produce a dry-style small batch rum that upended the common practice of adding sugar, flavors, and perfumes into the rum after distillation. On top of that, their age statements actually mean ALL of the rum in the bottle has been aged for those years – rather than a blend of ages with the oldest called out.

We were first turned on to Real McCoy by a Smuggler’s fan whose 12 Year Limited Edition tasting notes “from the Cove are just fucking delicious.” This 500 case run was crafted with a high ratio of copper pot still distillate, and aged in American Bourbon and Portuguese Madeira barrels. Look for hints of toasted walnuts, tropical fruit, and sweet oak with a smooth warm finish.

Compare it to the classic 12 Year, which tastes of caramel, wood and spice, orange zest and vanilla, and a hint of tobacco before a long smoky oak finish.

Find all of our Real McCoy spirits in the B+B Liquor Shop.

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