Heaven Hill Rye

Heaven Hill is the last major Kentucky distillery still run as an independent and family-owned business.

They've filled over 7 million barrels of bourbon since prohibition, and right this second they have 1,000,000 barrels of whiskey aging at their facility.  They say this accounts for over 17% of the world's future supply of Bourbon.

If the small craft distilleries are the new friends that lend variety and give the spice of life, then Heaven Hill is Mom and Dad; they've always been cool even if you didn't know it, will always be there, and you appreciate them more with age.

Regardless of their age, experience, consistency, and production power, what we like most is they do things the way they like: high quality spirits at fantastic prices with no shortage of ABV! 

They're here Thursday, with a very special treat in tow: the newly released and very limited Rittenhouse 80.  Swing by Thursday, June 22nd, from 4:30 to 6:30 to taste all 3 of their Ryes.  

Pikesville 110 Proof Straight Rye, $45.50 -  Wonderfully delicate, with aromas of Boston creme pie, plantain, butternut squash, and brown sugar. Spicy, with a buttery sweetness to match and deep baked dark cherry flavor leading into a vanilla-tinged and spicy finish. Outstanding.

Rittenhouse 100 Proof Rye, $23.50 - Entry oozes butter cream, dark caramel, and brown sugar; midpalate focuses more on the grain as the flavor becomes toasty, fruity and honeyed. Ends honey sweet, decadent and maple-like. A bargain.

Rittenhouse 80 Proof Rye, $19.50- A small stock of the discontinued 80 Proof Rittenhouse Rye was lost for years in a Heaven Hill warehouse, fans of retro spirits should stock up, soon it'll be gone baby gone, for real this time.

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