International Coffee Cocktail Delight

Nothing is sacred and change is inevitable, said no Italian ever.  It was announced that Starbucks is nestling into the coffee culture cradle with 200 new stores and tantrums are being had.  If the thought of a mocha frappuccino on the steps of the duomo are just too much to swallow, try mixing up something more a la Da Vinci  rather than straight up Venti.

Channel Da Vinci's tinkering spirit when mixing up your next Manhattan. Swap out half of your sweet vermouth for an Italian Amaro or a coffee liqueur. By combining two classics you'll have a modern Italian masterpiece in your hands.  Move over Michelangelo. 

Vodka, arabica espresso, rum, and cream

Heading to Italy, but need something a touch stronger than coffee to get you there?

This Mini Cocktail Kit could really tie your trip together. With accents of flavor from a copper pot distilled vodka known for its crisp taste and silky softness, an espresso spirit crafted from medium-roasted Colombian Arabica beans and smooth Caribbean rum, and no refrigeration required half & half made with farm-fresh milk and cream – this is a White Russian you’re sure to abide. Just remember to pack carefully dude, there’s a mighty tasty beverage here!


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