Kavalan Whisky

You can't judge a book by its cover, and you can't judge a whisky by its age.  Kavalan, Taiwan's first whisky distillery, is only 12 years old but it's precocious beyond its years.

Shepherded by a cadre of global whiskey experts, the product is engineered for balance, elegance, and a finish that lasts and lasts.

Their casks are aged in Taiwan's hot and humid climate, expediting their aging process to yield more intense flavors, earlier than some of their more temperate peers.  Frequently likened to Speyside whiskey, their fruit forward distillate is then finished in a medley of different barrels (port, sherry, bourbon, etc).

Each expression sits atop a mountain of awards, but we're excited to lower them down to the bar and share these rare and exotic sippers with you, FOR FREE!

Swing by Thursday for a tasting of this refined and exotic line up.

Kavalan Whisky King Car, $94.50

This was the first expression launched in the name of King Car (the namesake of the company behind Kavalan).  On the nose there are floral and fruity on the notes followed by balanced notes of rich vanilla, banana, coconut, and a slight pleasant bitterness balancing the sweetness. Great with spicy food.

Kavalan Concertmaster Port Cask Single Malt Whisky, $91.50

The whisky is first matured in American oak casks and then finished in Portuguese Ruby Port wine casks from which the whisky derives most of its flavor. The double finishing process mellows the flavors but still yields a rich bodied sipper with notes of honey, vanilla, and coconut.

Kavalan Sherry Oak Single Malt Whisky, $144.50

Kavalan Sherry Oak dilutes their Solist Sherry with their local spring water to 46% strength. Big notes of dried fruit, almonds, marzipan, and vanilla are followed by a long and elegant finish.  Blended to pair with steak, chocolates and nuts.


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