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Monarch Bacon Tobacco Bitters, $18

A crisp, fatty sweetness is hidden, but not without notice, beneath the layers of complexity at play here. Its bouquet is as far-ranging as aging leather in tack room to the medicinal notes of some homemade herbaceous balm. It has a lasting, full-bodied finish that ends up with flavorful smoke—campfire in a bottle. Add it to melted bittersweet chocolate and create a nouveau, adult s’mores heated over your backyard fire pit. The perfect complement to whiskey drinks.​

Monarch Cayenne Ginger Bitters, $18

You might think this an odd pairing, but it’s curiously democratic. The cayenne gives it a kick, but not too much, while the ginger mellows it just enough to use in everything from Bloody Marys to Derbys to your morning green juice. Subtle notes of citrus make it an excellent addition to straight whiskey, too. As for food, keep it savory: add it to a curry to bring out the heat without going overboard.


Monarch Citrus Basil Bitters, $18

The perfect combination of savory and sweet. Tangerine, lemon and lime comingle with the earthiness of basil to temper their brightness and infuse a honey-ed sweetness. It’s the perfect, modern refresher to the tired Gimlet, giving the cocktail a clarity rather than muddled wateriness. As for your edible tooth, the options are endless: add by the dropper-full to parmesan biscuits or try in honey glazes over pound cake.

WhistlePig Barrel-Aged Coffee Beans
, $15

Combines the best morning ritual, with the essence of the best evening ritual.  Beans once brewed give a rich cup with the best of WhistlePig's whiskey: caramel, burnt orange, and silk. 

Dashfire Mole Bitters, $18

From Dashfire's Vagabond Series, this wonderful chocolate, spicy and slightly savory bitter was specifically designed to compliment tequila and mezcal cocktails but also tastes great with bitter orange Campari cocktails.

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