Oregon Spirit Distillers just released their first Bottled in Bond spirit, a 100% Rye whiskey that our most well-versed (and succinct) customer described as cinnamon toast with orange zest and melted brown sugar globs on top.

The cult of Bottled in Bond has been picking up steam, but it's a category that has been nearly exclusive to the mainstream producers. We've taken note of craft distilleries who have done one-off, very limited quantity B.I.B. releases (most sold only at the respective distillery, some for only a single day), so we're beyond excited for Oregon Spirit Distillers to release their Rye into California.

The Whiskey Wash is a great resource for all things whiskey. They called J. Becher B.I.B. Rye seamlessly balanced, and summed up the taste as: "The first sip is sweet and full of warm maple and cinnamon. A few more lingering sips reveal flambéed bananas covered in caramelized brown sugar, accompanied by an array of spices one would throw into a custard for french toast: clove, allspice, a hint of nutmeg, etc. Digging deeper, baked apples and pears come out."

Find it now on our shop shelves or online in the Liquor Shop: J. Becher Bottled in Bond Rye Whiskey



I will be in today to pick it up.

Apr 01, 2017

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