Wired's Must Read Piece on Silicon Valley's Favorite Craft Distiller

You know when someone from your small hometown goes out and does something big and makes something of themselves?  And you are like, "Oh my gosh! I know them! Good for them!"  

That is exactly how we felt when we saw Bryan and Joanne of Lost Spirits Distillery featured in a big glossy spread in Wired (print and online).  Sure they aren't country bumpkins, but they are scrappy booze nerds, and for that, it feels we are kindred spirits from the same tiny zip code.  

Digest this article, get thirsty, and then pick up all of your Lost Spirit bottles here. Happy reading!


FROM THE OUTSIDE, the Lost Spirits Distillery is just another boxy, early-20th-century building along the frayed edge of downtown Los Angeles. At first the inside appears similarly uninspired: deep and unfinished, littered with cardboard boxes, plumbing fittings, spools of wire, inscrutable items made of copper, a forklift. The usual crap.

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