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Arrival: a must-sip experience for fans of drinking

Sonoma County West of Kentucky #3 Bourbon – showcasing drastically different bourbon styles, Sonoma’s #1 is chewy, soft and fruity, while the newer #3 is juicy, herby and full of spice

Two James Smoking Gun Whiskey – whiskey created to pair with the umami of Japanese cuisine, a savory smokiness is infused into the whiskey courtesy of green and lapsang souchong tea

Stolen Pot Still Overproof Rum – hard to say if we’re more excited to get well-aged and unadulterated Worthy Park rum, or that this 123 Proof 6 Year old is only $22.50 a bottle

Plantation St Lucia 2005 10.5 Year Rum – pot distilled rum aged 9 years in ex-bourbon and 18 months in cognac casks, mélange of baked and tropical fruits, and smoky salted caramel

Cava de Oro Extra Anejo – over the top luxurious dessert tequila, rich with baking spice, vanilla, and maple syrup, aged five years in French oak

Rancho Tepua Bacanora Blanco – agave pacifica is roasted underground with mesquite wood for 36 hours before distillation, bold agave flavors and rich smoke on par with the best mezcals

Frisco Brandy – inspired by SF’s Pisco history, Frisco has created a white brandy double distilled in San Francisco from California Muscat grapes, big bodied and brimming with tropical fruits

Nikka Coffey Gin – try neat to best enjoy the unbelievably long finish, bright, tart, sour, zesty and bitter citrus flavors from the six different types used, including four native Japanese varieties

Four Pillars Bloody Shiraz Gin – the Australian distillers less sweet answer to sloe gin, made with fresh-pressed local grapes, the wine influence also translates to a spirit that will bottle age

Geijer Spirits Fernet – all the spice, herb, bitterness and heft of Branca, with the sweetness pulled down considerably and the menthol pulled out altogether

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