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Cocktail drinking games for problem solvers

Port Royal Cocktail

Denni again, howdy!  Last time I chatted about flexing my creative muscles behind the bar, but sometimes instead of doing all the heavy lifting myself, I like to lift a page from a bar's book, literally.   Reproducing or improving upon a delicious bar find is our favorite drinking game.  

Pagan Idol was our most recent date night destination.  Me and my sweet tooth fell in love with their Port Royal Cocktail.   They listed out their ingredients on the menu, and after a few rounds of mixing we came up with a nice facsimile - no secret, exclusive, cocktail sauce needed.

 + 3 oz rum (amber or dark) 

+ 1 ½ oz banana liqueur   

+ ½ oz cognac

+ ½ oz sweet vermouth

+ aromatic bitters

+ Big Ice Cube

Stir with ice and serve on 1 big ice cube. Makes 2 cocktails.

The original recipe called for Jamaican and Demerara rum, which is great if you like that big funky flavor.  We also tinkered with a navy proof and a white version as well.  Finally we landed on Diplomatico because its chocolate notes play so well with the rest of the ingredients.

Use what you have, have fun, and drink your mistakes. Trial and error has never been so fun!

Happy Mixing!

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