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Irish Whiskey 1,2,3

Irish Whiskey 1,2,3

Irish Whiskey, they make it complex, we make it simple

Crafted from three unique styles, Irish whiskey has emerged as a serious alternative to Scotch, with more and more imbibers discovering that the birthplace of whiskey has way more to offer than an easy sipper that starts with James and ends with Son. One style that is growing particularly quickly is a literal alternative to Scotch, because it turns out Ireland also makes Single Malt whiskey. Why did they wait so long to tell people right! This is whiskey distilled entirely from malted barley on a pot still, most are distilled twice, and they are made entirely at a single distillery. Single Pot Still is the style more commonly associated with and also unique to Ireland, distilled from both malted and unmalted barley, and traditionally put through three distillations. Fans of the style appreciate the unique flavor profile that comes from using both types of barley, with the unmalted barley adding a distinct spiciness and more pronounced barley flavor. Last up is Grain, whiskey made on a column still whose "grain" component is primarily corn, wheat or unnmalted barley. While the Irish (and most of the world) throw these various whiskies into this catch-all category, our version of these whiskies are more precisely known as Bourbon, Rye, Wheat Whiskey et al.

To class up your home bar and make your taste buds happy, enjoy a flight of whiskey made from 1, 2, and all 3 of Ireland’s signature styles.

  • Single Malt: Kinahan’s 10 Year Whiskey is single malt aged for 10 years in American oak ex-bourbon barrels and bottled not chill filtered at 46% ABV. Opening up the bottle releases an aroma genie of cherry, red apple, and cinnamon dusted graham crackers. Take a sip and the rich baked fruit flavors are joined by black tea, cola spices, and toasty malt. A rich, sweet, and heavy ride.

  • Single Malt + Single Pot Still: Writer’s Tears Copper Pot is a vatting of 40% single malt and 60% single pot still, aged entirely in American oak ex-bourbon barrels until the flavor is just right. A wiff conjures up green apples drizzled in vanilla and raw honey, while a sip pulls out even more honey, a dose of ginger, a dash of allspice, and a sweet breakfast for dinner bowl of barley. Definitely papa bear approved.

  • Single Malt + Single Pot Still + Grain: Tullamore Dew 12 Year Special Reserve blends all three types together, including a single grain corn distillate and a high proportion of pot still and malt whiskies. Aged in both ex-bourbon and sherry casks, the whiskey is aged a minimum of 12 years with some components going up to 15 years. Like a granola blend of dark chocolate covered raisins, cinnamon and vanilla spiked almonds, and a citrus zest and red wine reduction.

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