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Lo-Fi Aperitifs, Perfect for Spritz's and Never Fail Cocktails

Looking for a light, flavorful, refreshing, and low ABV cocktail for those summer afternoons?  Let us introduce you to the perfect solution.

Lo-Fi Aperitifs are a line of vermouths and amaro crafted with California wines and natural herbs & botanicals. It can be enjoyed on it’s own, or used generously in a cocktail — not just whispered over a martini. They infuse their wine with a unique blend of botanicals are listed right on the label. Everything that’s in it, is on it! 

Enjoy them mixed in your favorite cocktail or sipped on their own.  We love them in a Spritz or in our favorite never fail cocktails.  Recipes below.

Lo-Fi Aperitifs

Lo-Fi Gentian Amaro, $24.50

Sweet citrus fruit with hints of ginger, flowers and spices, supported by cinchona bark and bitter roots. Adds refreshing fruit flavors and crisp bitterness to a variety of cocktails. Pairs with sparkling wine, bourbon, rye whiskey, and spirit forward drinks.  We mix it 1:1 with any base spirit and a squeeze of citrus for our never-fail cocktail.

Lo-Fi Sweet Vermouth, $24.50

Aromas and flavors of rhubarb, cocoa, vanilla, wild cherry bark, and spice. Sweet is balanced with hints of oak and bitter from the gentian root and orange oil. Cream sherry adds extra weight and nutty character. No caramel coloring for a light, natural appearance.

Lo-Fi Dry Vermouth, $24.05

Sweet anise and coriander aromas with citrus fruit and hints of elderflower. Complex spicy flavors on the palate are balanced with the fresh fruit flavors from the Muscat. Premium wine blended with grape spirit, pair with cider, gin, or rye whiskey.  

Come by the shop on May 16th from 4:30 - 6:30 to taste them all for free.


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