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Lost Spirits Abomination Whiskey

Lost Spirits Abomination Whiskey

Mad scientist Bryan Davis is back!  He's built himself a new distillery & laboratory in LA, and is following up the re-release of his Navy Style Rum with two new Abomination whiskies. Inspired by 'The Island of Dr. Moreau', both heavily peated whiskies are created using identical methods, with ‘The Sayers of the Law’ made with charred American Oak, and ‘The Crying of the Puma’ with toasted American oak.

All Lost Spirits Abomination whiskey starts life as 12-18 month old peated island malt. For this release, oak staves are seasoned with Late Harvest Riesling at the Lost Spirits Lab and used to further mature the whiskey with Bryan Davis’ patented aging reactor. Because Riesling is matured in steel, the “used” oak staves exist only in their lab, creating unnatural oak and a whiskey that probably shouldn’t exist.

The Puma emerges from the reactor as a smoke on top of smoke beast, the texture is borderline viscous and oily, its big bloom of island peat smoke intact, with Lost Spirits signature lit match smoke layered in for good measure.  Easily found on the nose, flavors of tart yellow fruit peak out mid-palate before being enveloped in a finish that brings wave after wave of smoke.

The Law clearly demonstrates the chimera nature of the Abomination whiskies, with Europe's signature island smoke mellowed considerably by the wood sugars and rich flavors of charred American oak. The nose is soft and rich, more burnt caramel sauce than burnt peat. The flavor follows the nose, with the smoke softened by a dose of oak and a dab of maple nut goodies.

For the scientifically inclined, read all about Lost Spirits technology in Bryan's Model 1 White Paper.
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