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Seven Stills Whiskey - Distilled from Craft Beer so you can just drink Whiskey

Seven Stills Whiskey


Seven Stills Whiskey is San Francisco's own home grown success story.  Started by Clint Potter and Tim Obert, these two shared a passion for great whiskey, and a well honed ability to distill it from craft beer.

Over the years they've opened several locations and launched 2 concurrent projects:

  • The Seven Stills Series will consist of seven whiskeys that we have developed the craft beer for.  
  • The Collaboration Series will consist of projects with local breweries, using their beer to make a whiskey

Their whiskey is as delicious as it is unique and limited, so pick these perfect gifts and sippers.

Chocasmoke, $35.50 - Distilled from an oatmeal stout with a shot of peat. Smells like an oatmeal stout: cocoa, grains, fresh bread, restrained smoke, mixed with small-barrel oak. The smoke blows up in the mouth, and the chocolaty, honey-sweet base rolls underneath. 

Dolores, $36.50 - Saison Dolores is the first whiskey brought out of the Seven Stills Experimental Series.  The Experimental Series are test batches used to see which whiskeys they really like, and they really like Saison Dolores.

This new batch was distilled from Almanac's base Saison Dolores and then aged in New American Oak for eight months before being bottled up at 47% for all to enjoy.

Czar, $36.50 - Czar is the third whiskey in the Seven Stills series attempting to make seven unique whiskeys for the seven hills of San Francisco. This whiskey is their recipe for a Russian Imperial Stout that was distilled twice, with the second distillation passing through a gin basket that was packed with fresh California hops. This whiskey was designed by "The Bugs" and was created for Russian Hill.

Whipnose Whiskey, $35.50 - In collaboration with Pac Brewing Lab, made from double IPA with huge whips of west coast hops: Simcoe, Cascade and Centennial. The whiskey drinks like a concentrated IPA, without any of the hop bitterness, and finishes with sweet maple sugar.

Almanac's Dogpatch Whiskey, $45.50 - Distilled from Almanac's Dogpatch Sour by Seven Stills of San Francisco. Finished in Grand Cru Barrels, bottled at a cask strength ABV of 59.5%.


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