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Sipping Gin and Drier Amaro made by the Bay's OG in craft distilling

Falcon Spirits


Farid is one of the Bay Areas's original distillers, and he started doing small batch gin before those terms were ever even strung together in a sentence.  His gin is produced in batches with fewer than 300 at his Falcon Spirits distillery in Richmond California. From start to finish the production take a month, during which he actually uses a proprietary method of vapor infusion as he produces his gin.  That method helps capture aromas with the least amount of impurity.  The 100% grain spirit is six times distilled and carbon filtered, which creates a lighter bodied, very botanically balanced sipper.

Aplomado Herbal Amaro, $27.50

The major component of this Amaro is fresh California Artichoke used at the peak of flavor, upon this base 25 roots, herbs, fruits, and flowers all sourced locally are infused over a month long infusion. Aplomado is an herbal liqueur with a unique balance of the bitter and sweet elements, a solid herbal backbone, and less sweet than most Amari.
​​Has a lovely herbal and orange aroma, wonderful body, and lingering mouthfeel. Due to the low sugar content it can be enjoyed neat or to produce a drier cocktail.

Lends itself well in 50:50 Cocktails, giving them a more robust herbal notes. Try it with a high Rye Bourbon, Gin, Brandy, or Rum. You will not be disappointed.

Botanica Spiritus Gin, $35.50
This modern gin balances the juniper with other herbs and fruits (like cucumber). Botanica uses vapor infusion because it helps capture aromas with the least amount of impurity. The 100% grain spirit is six times distilled and carbon filtered.

Botanica Spiritus Barrel Finished Gin, $45.50
Matured in new toasted French Oak barrels a minimum of 8 months. The 8 month barrel is blended with a small amount of younger barrels prior to bottling. Results is a gin with deep notes of Juniper, Vanilla, Lemon verbena, and hand-picked herbs.

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