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  • A Very Sherry Situation
    June 20, 2018 Patrick Smith

    A Very Sherry Situation

    My first association with sherry was as a boy reading the Harry Potter books, in which the crazed, clairvoyant, and apparently alcoholic teacher, Professor Trelawney, is constantly described as smelling strongly of cooking sherry. Although I had no clue what sherry was, this association with the “crazy, spinster aunt” type stuck. I proceeded to live my life quite happily for some years before being untimely sucked into the world of cocktails, where I found myself avoiding recipes that called for all varieties of this mysterious sherry, never quite being sure of what it was or where I would start with it, not to mention the probably deep seated fear that I may eventually become a spinster myself if I tried it. 
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  • January 22, 2018 Preston Lai

    How to make a Rosemary flavored cocktail: Romero Pacífico Recipe

    With the slow transition from the summer months into the fall (or not so slow in SF), it’s great to have a cocktail that can be sipped in the heat of July or in the midst of a November chill.

    The Romero Pacifico is an egg white sour that brings together the tart fruit of a sherry and the deep herbs of St. George’s Terroir gin. The flamed rosemary garnish adds a delicious aroma with every sip, all the flavors reminiscent of a Thanksgiving feast, yet still refreshingly light with the egg white.

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