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To Batch or Not to Batch

To Batch or Not to Batch

Already Batched

We've spent a lot of time trying not so good pre-made cocktails, and trying to get into the corners of a swing top bottle to clean up after our own batched cocktails. It's totally frustrating to know that making your own would've tasted better than the already made option, or to spend more time cleaning up then you did creating the cocktail. So if you are either a DIY, or you're more of a PIY'er (just pour it yourself), we're happy to say things have just gotten much better!

Whether you're looking for an incredible host gift, or a great cocktail after a long day - Straightaway Bottled Cocktails are legitimately delicious. Beautifully balanced, wonderfully complex, with citrus flavors that actually taste like fresh citrus. Just serve chilled right from the bottle, up or over ice. If you're not sure where to start, we recommend lifting off with the Paper Plane. With about 12 servings per bottle, $4 cocktails make for an easy and affordable happy hour.

Batch at Home

Introducing a safer way to store batched cocktails, fresh juices, simple syrups, and drink infusions. Easy-to-clean, user-friendly, and so good looking.

Crew Bottles are a game-changer for anyone who stores and pours homemade beverages. The bottles unscrew from the bottom for easy filling and cleaning. Ditch the bottle brush and let the dishwasher do the dirty work. No hard-to-reach buildup means you can confidently create the freshest, safest cocktails. Made with lightweight, shatter-resistant Craft Tech Glass, and available in 4-colors for easy organization, Crew Bottles are both beautiful and functional.

Crew Bottle Co. has created the most necessary new bar tool since shaking tins. It's a must-have for batching cocktails, for homemade infusions, and for storing simple syrups. Serve gorgeous beverages with "ship in a bottle" ingredients. And they're not handy as bar bottles only, use them to store fresh juice, cold brew, or any beverage that would benefit from an easy cleanup. Just unscrew the bottom and load in your dishwasher. 🤯

Great and easy to use whether you’re a professional bartender or a DIY mixologist. In addition, Crew's partnership with Plastic Bank means for every Crew Bottle purchased, 1KG (apx. 50 plastic bottles) of plastic debris is removed from the world’s oceans.

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