Barrell Batch #17 Bourbon


Barrell Batch #17 Bourbon

Batch 017 is an homage to a beloved style of bourbon, which has become increasingly hard to find. It’s the classic 10-year-old: high proof and balanced, oak driven but complex. This batch is a tribute to the elegant bourbons of the past.

Distilled and aged in Tennessee, Indiana and Kentucky. Selection of 10 Year and 4 Month, 14 Year, and 15 Year barrels. 112.5 proof cask strength bottling.

Very rich, almost buttery, but balanced by an unexpectedly tropical, juicy side. The opening takes its cue from the nose, exhibiting pound cake and apple jelly, before an cascade of fruits rush in: pineapple, passion fruit, mirabelle plums, gooseberries, lime cordial and guava paste. Flavors of Chartreuse and sweet vermouth lend breadth and the whole is kept in check by little graphite minerality.