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Hillrock Sauternes Finish Single Barrel Bourbon

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This solera-aged Hillrock expression is aged partially in rare Premier Cru Sauternes wine casks. Sauternes wine, also known as the “nectar of the gods,” has a signature balance of sweetness and acidity, with nutty flavors and notes of apricots, honey and peaches. Crafted in the Graves section of Bordeaux, the grapes are influenced by Botrytis fungus also known as “noble rot,” which causes the grapes to become slightly raisined, yielding a concentrated, unique flavor profile that is imparted onto this special bourbon.

The nose is full of caramel, dried fruit, vanilla, oak and spice, with a light floral aroma. The palate is full-bodied with decadent notes of brown sugar, molasses, toffee, butterscotch apricots, honey, peaches, roasted corn, clove, cinnamon and a small hint of spicy rye. The finish is well-balanced.