Bijou Cocktail Kit

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Bijou Cocktail Kit

The Bijou was a big deal drink back in the day, coming of age alongside the Martini and the Manhattan and rivaling them both in popularity at one time. But it was one of the many victims of Prohibition, and wasn’t revived properly until the modern cocktail renaissance, when everyone couldn’t get enough of everything Chartreuse. Bijou means jewel in French, and was so named for the different jewel colors that come together to make this especially boozy number: Gin (diamond), Sweet Vermouth (ruby), and Chartreuse (emerald). Our opinion is that the resulting color can be a bit off putting, so we use Lo-Fi’s colorless Sweet Vermouth to retain a beautiful emerald tone that makes the drink as beautiful as it is delectable.

Kit Includes:

Bobby’s Schiedam Dry Gin

Green Chartreuse

Lo-Fi Sweet Vermouth

Bitter Housewife Orange Bitters

Cocktail Recipe Card