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Gray Whale "Cali Rose" Cocktail Kit

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Gray Whale is a small batch gin inspired by the 12,000 mile migration of the California Gray Whale. Baja citrus, juniper, a subtle hint of coastal fir trees, fresh mint, and the umami flavors of kombu sea kelp are rounded out by a beautiful lasting almond finish. In the "Cali Rose" cocktail it is paired with Supasawa, a one of a kind alternative to lemon and lime juice, offering up tart acidity without overpowering. Combier Rose Liqueur is created by steeping hand-picked rose petals from the Loire Valley in neutral alcohol distilled from sugar beets.

Included in Cocktail Kit: Gray Whale Gin 750ml, Supasawa Mixer 700ml, Combier Rose Liqueur 750ml, Q Grapefruit Sparkling Grapefruit, Blood Orange Crisps.


Pour 2 oz Gray Whale Gin into shaker tin
Add 0.5 oz Supasawa and 0.25 oz Combier Rose
Add ice to tin, cover and shake for 10-15 seconds
Strain into Coupe Glass, top off with Q Grapefruit
Garnish with blood orange crisps. Enjoy!