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Shop Our Store Picks!

Call Me Cujo Cocktail Kit

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Wildhawk is a paradise of dogs it would seem. If you're lucky, on any given night you may see Ruby, Nikka 15 (hello Japanese whisky fans), or Manny slinging drinks behind the stick, their paws a mad flurry of stirring, shaking, and occasionally, scratching behind the ears. This drink brings together some of their favorites, with the smoke of Highland Park balanced by the ferocious juniper of a navy strength gin, and the gentle tropicality of Giffard's Banana liqueur. Add a measure of fresh lemon juice, a dash or coriander bitters, and you're part of the pack. 

Kit includes: Highland Park 12 Year 750 ml, Fords Officers Reserve Gin 750 ml, Giffard Banane Liqueur 750 ml, Bitter Housewife Lime Coriander Bitters 100 ml,