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Dog Day Afternoon Cocktail Kit


This elegant number from the Clift Hotel's storied Redwood Room is one to make two of. Make one for yourself and another to pour out in honor of all of the sweet pups who have left their earthly shackles for the great dog park in the sky. Like that notion itself, this drink is appropriately bittersweet, with the bitterness of Campari brightened and lightened by the addition of Giffard's juicy grapefruit liqueur and a splash of Lillet. Set against the hearty smoke of Highland Park 12, this is one to savor and contemplate, in remembrance of the furry friends of yore. Cheers, boombas. 

Kit includes: Highland Park 12 Year 750 ml, Giffard Pamplemousse Liqueur 750 ml, Campari Aperitivo Liqueur 375 ml, Lillet Blanc Aperitif 750 ml, Peychauds Aromatic Bitters 5 oz