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Shop Our Store Picks!

Lazy Lover Cocktail Kit

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Kaiya, Madrone Art Bar's sweet resident husky, may be a lazy lover, but lack passion she does not. Much like this cocktail, which likes to take it easy on you in terms of drinkability and proof, but has all the lovin' flavor where it counts, with the passionate tart embrace of passion fruit front and center, supporting the gentle smoke of Highland Park 12, with an assist from Liquid Alchemists spiced apple syrup. Add some easy bubbles and you're liable to lap up this lazy melange in no time. 

Kit includes: Highland Park 12 Year 750 ml, Giffard Creme Passion Fruit Liqueur 750 ml, Liquid Alchemist Apple Spice Syrup 150 ml, Fee Brothers Aromatic Bitters 5 oz, Fever Tree Club Soda 8 pack.