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Jefferson's Ocean Aged Voyage 19 Wheated Bourbon

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The bourbon barreled for Ocean Voyage 19 uses wheat in its mash bill instead of the typical rye. Reminiscent of Voyage 15, the less flavorful wheat allowed the sweetness of the corn to build through the maturation process. Once barreled and put to sea, the bourbon was immediately and continually influenced by the salt air and constant movement of the ship. Extreme heat caused the sugars of the corn to caramelize in the wood and work their way into the bourbon. Without having to compete with the spice of the rye, the bourbon of Voyage 19 took on a great deal of vanilla and salted caramel corn as its dominate flavor with a subtle wood finish.

The aroma is bright with notes of toffee and Cracker-Jacks. The flavor profile is rich and lightly sweet with abundant flavors of cinnamon cornbread, salted caramels, and vanilla. The finish is very smooth with an almost red velvet cake note.