Stolen Pot Still Jamaican Overproof Rum

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Stolen Pot Still Jamaican Overproof Rum

Stolen Overproof Rum comes from a historic, family-run sugar estate and distillery in
Jamaica (*Worthy Park) that’s over 250 years old – and renowned for making some of the best heavy pot still rum in the world. Stolen Overproof is 123 proof and aged six years.

The water used to make Stolen Overproof is collected mountain rain water that goes
through a natural limestone filtering process, a completely renewable, sustainable source of H20. The sugar cane is hand harvested by local farmers. The Proprietary yeast is cultured in outdoor natural vats, then combined with the mash. The mash ferments for 7 days in traditional cedar tanks. The estate uses three heavy pot stills, Vendome from Kentucky, T&T Engineering from South Africa, and Forsyth from Scotland. The spent mash of sugar cane and molasses is reused in fermenting the new wash, resulting in a rum that is much more rich in esters (flavor compounds) than your typical rum.