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Shop Our Store Picks!

Bitter Girl Pear Jordan Bitters

2 reviews

Barrel Aged Pears, Cascade Hops, Nugget Hops, High West Barrel

Angelica Root, Dandelion Root, Bittering Agents, Spices, & Honey

Both hops and pears produce during the late summer months, August to October. So why not pair them together? With the bitter from the hops and the bright citrus flavor from the pears, this flavor is all about fall and winter; which is perfect, since we only release this flavor once a year in late November. There are also notes of faint celery, with a floral juiciness in the mouth. We recommend pairing this with whiskey or brandy. You can top either of these dark liquors with some hot tea, honey, and a dash of bitters for a cold day.