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Roots Mastic Vintage Strength Liqueur


Roots Mastic is an aromatic voyage to the Greek island of Chios, the only place the fabled mastic resin tree grows, distilled to vintage strength and enticing perfection. Roots Mastic Vintage Strength follows the old mastic recipe & tradition of stronger spirits, using even more mastic distillate.

This edition is based on the old way mastic used to be drank, as a strong spirit with higher abv. In principle the production process is the same as in the normal version of Roots Mastic. Roots mastic is 100% Chios mastic resin distillate, yet in the vintage strength edition more distillate is used which results at 40% abv bottling. 

The overall flavour is soft and incredibly smooth with an aggressive and spirited citrusy & sour kick followed by a vigorous piney aftertaste. The aroma is elegant and clean with an overall softening and refreshing smell.