Our resident gin expert, Melissa Watson, spells out exactly which gins she plans to gift this holiday season. For a woman who loves each gin we have, rest assured, these picks are very well considered. Gift and discover with confidence this year.

  • Edinburgh Christmas Gin
    For every gin lover on your list. A seasonal no-brainer and a beautiful Art Deco inspired label. The gin is full of holiday spice, good cheer, frankincense and myrrh (seriously!)

  • Roku Gin or Nikka Coffey Gin
    For the connoisseur who wants the newest, hottest spirit. Japanese gin is here to join in on the popularity of Japanese whisky. Traditional gin botanicals plus yuzu and sansho pepper.

  • Sipsong Spirits Indira Gin
    For the gin collector who has everything. Except they almost certainly haven’t tried Indira yet, because it’s been on the market for less than a year! The warm Indian spices make it so unique. Wonderful as a G&T.

  • The Botanist Gin
    For the classic Martini lover. Who knew Islay, with their big, peaty scotches would bring us such a bright, crisp gin? Slip a half bottle of Dolin Dry and a lemon for garnishing into the gift bag to complete the kit.

  • Gin Mare
    For the Dirty Martini drinker. Gin Mare is made with botanicals from different Mediterranean countries including olives from Spain. Now they can skip the brine and still enjoy the savory flavor they love. Rosemary, thyme, basil, and of course, olives.

  • Sipsmith Gin
    For the London Dry purist. This is classic London Dry style gin made in London, but with a twist! Sipsmith has been around for almost a decade, and they mix old school recipes and techniques with new school precision. Lovely balance of juniper, citrus, and floral.

  • Luxardo Sour Cherry Gin
    For the person with a bit of a sweet tooth. This is no sticky-sweet sloe gin but it is made with Marasca cherry juice, which gives it its bright red color and lucious upfront sour cherry flavor. The finish is dry and the scent is full of juniper.

  • Gray Whale Gin
    For gifting California in a bottle… and a very striking bottle at that! This gin is made with ingredients gathered up and down the coast, inspired by the Gray Whale’s migration path. Citrus, mint, almonds, pine, and sea kelp!

  • Monkey 47 Gin
    For whoever is splurge worthy. This was once a cult favorite for gin lovers to bring home from Germany in their suitcases. 47 botanicals make this Black Forest gin an explosion of flavor. Sip neat or seriously dress up your Martini with it.

  • Venue Spirits Gin Blend No. 2
    For the local, small batch lover. Any bottle from Santa Cruz’s Venus Spirits would make a great gift. I’m going with Gin No. 2 here because the botanical profile fits the season without screaming Christmas. Rested in American oak barrels before bottling.

  • Piucinque Gin
    For the Italophile, who undoubtedly already enjoys a good Negroni. This gin allows all three ingredients in their glass to be Italian. Sage, bergamot, with plenty of juniper.

  • You & Yours Sunday Gin
    For the person who thinks they don’t like gin but you love them anyway. This gift will be a bridge between you. Juicy grapefruit, refreshing mint, with soft juniper.

  • Silent Pool Gin or Brooklyn Gin
    For the owner of a bar cart full of the best looking bottles. Silent Pool, from the UK, leans a bit towards floral while Brooklyn, which is from New York but surprisingly isn’t from Brooklyn, leans more towards spice, but both are versatile, well balanced gins.

  • Four Pillars Rare Dry Gin
    For the one you love the most... because this is my favorite. The perfect balance of old school and new school, and fabulous in a Negroni. Australian spices and whole oranges.