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Cognac Park XO Grande Champagne "Year of the Tiger" 2022 Brandy


The Distillerie Tessendier estate was founded in 1880 by Gaston Tessendier. Today, it's still run as a family house, Maison Park, built on carrying that tradition forward through the generations. This year's special Lunar New Year bottle celebrates the Year Of The Tiger. It is made of 100% Grande Champagne Cognac and is a blend of brandies between 10-30 years old. Gentle but deep and complex, this XO Cognac is a fabulous coming together of floral, fruity, earthy, and spicy characters. On the nose, sugarplums, almonds, and sweet cinnamon usher in a wave of violets and orange peel. It's a very enticing nose. The palate follows through with the florals first, with black tea, nuts, apple tart, banana runts candies, and juicy plums following. Then on the finish the tea note melds into a kind of earthy, almost umami quality that shows the older brandies in the blend asserting themselves in a masterstroke of blending. The pleasing finish brings you back for another sip before you know it. Bottled at 40% abv.