Barrell New Year 2019 Limited Edition Bourbon


Barrell New Year 2019 Limited Edition Bourbon

To celebrate the New Year, Barrell creates a limited edition bourbon. It's comprised of reserves from some of their batches and other choice barrels coming from 6 distilleries in 6 states. Throughout the year they set aside particularly inspiring barrels that they believe will make an interesting contribution to the New Year release. They do dozens of test blends to find the combination they believe to be the best and most interesting from their barrel inventory to make the New Year blend a truly unique expression.

The nose is greeted by a fully laden dessert cart, resplendent with assorted dried fruits and nuts, chocolates, and other confections. On the palate, rye grain delivers a complex and harmonious blends of herbs and spices. With a few drops of water the nose grows creamy with notes of coconut milk, heirloom grits with butter and crème de menthe, while its floral character also gains more complexity with lily, goldenrod and grapefruit oil. The palate meanwhile takes on several additional layers of depth, with notes of black walnut, poppy seed, licorice root, black cherry soda, and guava.

A selection of 4, 5, 8, 11, 14 and 15-year-old straight bourbon whiskeys. Distilled in TN, KY, IN, NY, TX and IL.

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