Don Papa Small Batch Rum

Ginebra San Miguel

Don Papa Small Batch Rum

The Philippines has a long history of cultivating Noble sugar cane, the original variety, first discovered centuries ago in Southeast Asia and the Pacific Islands. Each year, cane is harvested and transported to one of the island’s classic sugar mills, which make some of the richest, sweetest molasses in the world. The fermented molasses is column-distilled, then brought down to 65% ABV using fresh spring water and placed into ex-Bourbon American Oak barrels. The barrels are seasoned, toasted and lightly charred, resulting in an uplift of fruit and vanilla notes and creating a naturally darker rum.

The rum is aged in the foothills of Mt. Kanlaon, where the hot, humid Negrense climate results in rapid maturation. After 7 Years, barrels are carefully selected and blended to perfection. Light and fruity on the nose whilst smooth and delicate on the palate, with a long, rich-textured finish and flavors of vanilla, honey, and candied fruits.

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