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Found North "Batch 003" 17 Year Cask Strength Rye Whisky

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Found North's "Batch 003" (The third overall release, and the second release of their rye dominant blends) is a 5-whisky blend created to accentuate a vibrant, zesty, fruit-forward nose and palate combination rarely seen in rye whisky. The whisky was built around an 18 year old rye aged in ex-tequila barrels with a verdant and floral nose combined with an herbaceous spiciness. To add a layer of fruitiness, an 18 year rye aged in ex-Speyside scotch casks and a surprisingly delicate 21 year old corn component aged in used American oak are added to the mix. Lastly, a bevy of baking spices and brown sugar appear courtesy of a 17 year rye and a 25 year corn whisky, both aged in Hungarian oak. The final blend comes out to 64% rye, 32% corn, and 4% malted barley, and is bottled at a cask strength of 55.1% abv. 

The resulting whisky cascades from high to low, starting with a trove of striking berry notes, citrus and honeysuckle, dovetailing gracefully into a silky, buttery mid-palate, before settling into its lengthy and spicy rye heavy finish that shows both the gentle bready side of the grain as well as the sharp and spicy side. Those two pure rye characters battle it out over the truly deep and resounding finish, which ends peacefully with both in harmony. Each returning sip tastes like someone baked an apple crisp right onto your palate, showing robust cinnamon and a lingering gingerbread and dark rye finish that mingles with gentle oak tannins.