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G4 Blanco de Madera Tequila

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G4 Tequila is made at “El Pandillo” under the leadership of Felipe Camarena, a 4th generation tequila maker and engineering wunderkind. Felipe operates in a fairly unique space between two camps that have formed amongst tequila producers - those responding to the categories increasing popularity by prioritizing efficiency and cost, and the distilleries preserving traditional production methods. El Pandillo has embraced technology, experimentation, and modernization, all through a lens of quality and heritage tequila. His custom built stone ovens capture the complex flavor of highland Blue Weber hand selected for peak maturity. The agave is crushed on his proprietary mechanical tahona, aptly nicknamed "The Felipe-stein," and fermented with natural yeasts originally propagated by his grandfather 80 years ago. Up to this point tequila from G4 has been fermented exclusively in stainless steel. For this new and limited “Blanco de Madera” release, the distillery has employed wooden vats for fermentation, and bottled at 45% ABV - a nod to the modern tequila drinker’s penchant for higher proofs. One of the most exciting releases of 2022! Try side by side with the standard G4 Blanco and taste how a blanco with wood fermentation compares to stainless steel. Compared to the bright and fruity profile of the steel ferment, look forward to a creamier and richer agave essence.