Joe's Arbequini Martini Kit

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Joe's Arbequini Martini Kit

This Martini is a little bit mid-century with a very wet equal parts of gin and dry vermouth, a little bit 80’s with its dash of olive brine, and a whole lot international with Spanish-made spirits that showcase the incredible flavors of the region. With such complex flavors coming from both the gin and vermouth, you end up with an incredibly layered drink, even though the recipe couldn't get any easier. And I love that the big pour of vermouth means you end up with a lower abv version of a Martini, one or two of these doesn't put me on my butt the way 3 ounces of chilled gin does.

Gin Mare and Yzaguirre's Dry Reserva Vermouth are the stars here. This Mediterranean gin from Barcelona includes savory herbs like thyme, rosemary, and basil, Spain's famous Arbequina olive, and soft citrus notes from lemons and Valencia oranges. The vermouth is from Spain's oldest vermut bodegas, with their Reserva line featuring an additional year of barrel-finishing. For their dry that year is spent in fino sherry barrels, which layer on an incredibly distinct nutty almond, mineral, and saline flavor. I love leaning into those elements with a little pour of coriander infused Gaea brine instead of a garnish - that helps pull out the citrus notes, some meaty olive-ness, and a dash of salt. It's like a euro-bar aperitif hour snack platter in a glass.

Arbequini Martini

- 1.5 oz Gin Mare
- 1.5 oz Yzaguirre Dry Reserva Vermouth
- Dash of Gaea Dirty Martini Juice

Stir over ice, strain into chilled cocktail glass.