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Doctor Bird Private Barrel Cask Strength Madeira Finish Rum

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Doctor Bird Rum, named for the national bird of Jamaica which is also emblazoned on the colorful label, is a blend of pot-still rums from Jamaica's famous Worthy Park Distillery. The blend is made up of two very high ester unaged rums, as well as a lower ester 6 year old rum for depth. The standard bottling is then finished in Moscatel casks before being bottled at 50% abv, and has over the last couple years developed a cult following among the funk seeking rummy hogo-heads. For this cask strength (59.2% abv) single cask selection, we were able to have them finish the rum in Madeira casks, an emerging favorite for aging rum, in place of the usual Moscatel for a juicier, nuttier, more complex package. 

The nose is immediately intense, lush, wet tropical fruits. Pineapple, banana, and passionfruit sharing the stage and all screaming into their microphones. The madeira finish adds a layer of rich, dark fruit underneath this, with berries and spice mingling beautifully with the brighter fruit on top. On the palate, clove spice and a hint of anise up front, followed by a big burst of those juicy fruits, which then rides down a savory chute of herbs, nuts, and spices. Oregano, wood tannin, and walnut skin all finish the show with unexpected fireworks. For such a brash young funk-punk, there is a surprising amount of complexity here that rewards some slow contemplation, though we wouldn't blame you if you just mixed up a few super lush high proof daiquiris and left it there.