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Few Single Barrel B&B Selection Rye Whiskey

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On the nose huge notes of pine forest, pumpernickel rye bread, dark cherries, and a deep caramel note. Aromas that could certainly be described as Christmas-y, or perhaps wintry. The palate is full bodied and creamy, with a potent favor of fluffy chocolate babka, the vivacious tingle of black pepper, and a bit of tart lingonberry jam. The potency and balance of flavors speak to the whiskeys craft production, all bundled up in a wholly mature and well rounded profile. It's also worth noting that FEW's rye mashbill bucks the trend of going nearly or entirely rye. The 20% corn and 10% barley components add a nice level of sweetness, while still centering rye flavors. On the finish the chocolate becomes a bit more dry, with a flash of bittersweet cocoa that lingers alongside cedar, and salty rye crisps.