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Four Roses OBSV 9 Year Barrel Strength B&B Private Selection Bourbon

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Dubbed "Old Flames," this single barrel selection is a dynamite showcase of Four Roses' flagship bourbon recipe. While the distillery is constantly setting aside fine barrels of OBSV for their standard Single Barrel release, this whiskey comes from a particularly exceptional barrel, earmarked and chosen for its rare quality. We think fans of the classic Four Roses Single Barrel will declare that old flame can't hold a candle to our Barrel 29-4A, bottled undiluted and without chill-filtration at a hefty 59.1% ABV, after being aged to perfection over 9 Years and 3 Months in warehouse TS.

One of the most complex Four Roses you're likely to ever come across, each sip a kaleidoscope of happy and celebratory flavors, constantly shifting, evolving, and revealing new facets. Bright fruit notes of peach and apricot jam are paired with the rich flavors of maple roasted pecans and caramel apples. On further inspection, the fruit evolves into plum, baked figs, and cherry, spiked with sweet cinnamon and the slightest herbaceous accent. The high 118.2 Proof exerts itself by way of bold flavor and a pleasant warming sensation, potent yet never boozy, with less overt wood and clove than typically found. Ponder old flames, and new, over the long buttery caramel brittle finish.