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Old Fortunate Small Batch 25 Year American Whiskey

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Fortunate favors the bold, and in this case, the old. When 25 Year American Whiskey came knocking, we opened the door, and said, "Barrels! We'll take these four." This whiskey is made from 97% corn, 3% barley, and aged to perfection in used American oak. Call it what you will: lucky, fortunate, blessed, charmed. Either way we feel it, which is why we're thrilled to pay it forward with this spirit.

Distilled in Indiana in 1992, the Small Batch release is comprised of three barrels who lost a majority of their contents to the angels. In total only 168 bottles were pulled from these casks, each was hand-numbered and proofed to 47% ABV. Soft melted caramel on the nose, with a wisp of vanilla bean and oak. The aroma hints at the great amount of time spent in barrel, time which has pushed off any hint of alcohol, makes one think they're sniffing at whiskey-infused buttercream instead of 94 proof. On the palate tart fruit and caramel corn mingle with gentle maple and sawdust, complex layers of flavor slowly unfurl, and despite 25+ years spent in wood, the body remains soft and supple, surely thanks to the second use oak barrel. This light whiskey lives up to the name, elegant and nuanced, absent the heavy wood sugars of traditional American whiskey, with the flavors of the distillate continuing to deepen and hold its own against the barrel these many years later.