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Russell's Reserve Private Barrel "B&B Pick" Bourbon

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Our newest whiskey club selection is a gorgeously rich and classically molded bourbon from the famed Wild Turkey Distillery - home of Jimmy and Eddie Russell, and their 100+ years of experience. The Russell’s Reserve label was first created in 2000 as a limited edition bottling to honor Jimmy, who began sweeping floors at the distillery in 1954 before going on to learn the craft from Wild Turkey’s second master distiller, Bill Hughes. Our Russell’s Reserve Private Barrel Selection was distilled in 2011 and aged in Warehouse A in “alligator” char new American oak for eight years and five months. Warehouse A is the oldest on the distillery property, believed to have been built in 1894, and it has stood and held whiskey for nearly the entire 165 years of distilling that have taken place there. The barrel was kept on floor 4 (of 7). In the higher floors of the rickhouse water evaporates more quickly, generally creating a higher proof bourbon with more spice and kick. The bottom floors and their lower temperature lose more alcohol for a lower proof whiskey, with more delicate floral and fruit notes. Floor 4 in the middle of the rickhouse is the break-even point, where the juiciest honey barrels are pulled from. Russell's Reserve bourbon is made with the classic Wild Turkey mash bill - 75% corn, 13% rye and 12% malted barley. It is bottled at 110 proof and non-chill filtered to preserve maximum flavor.

Aromas of rich toffee, oak, cherry, a touch of cinnamon spice, and Russell’s trademark creamy vanilla rise out of the glass. A gentle entry spreads ribbons of caramel into spiced green apple pie, hatch chile, caramel corn, orange peel, clove, and pepper. The high proof slowly reveals itself and only just so, with a charming warmth, full body, and a long finish that presents a fresh pop of mint, alongside more cinnamon and juicy summer ripened peaches, before gradually exiting with a rising tide of oak. The finish will linger and linger – until the temptation to begin the whole journey again brings you back for another sip. When that friend new to bourbon asks what it is all about – this will be the benchmark bottle you’ll pull down from the shelf. So make sure to save, at least a little, hopefully we’ll be sharing with good company soon enough.