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Smooth Ambler Old Scout B&B "Honey & Smoke" 116 Proof Bourbon

While our first Smooth Ambler barrel yielded a normal number of bottles for a full size barrel, the second was drastically less, not even half as many. Perhaps that helps account for the wildly different profile, a very different ratio of whiskey to wood, for a profile that brought both Scotch whisky and toasted oak barrel finishes to mind.

This barrel was a store favorite, showing characteristics seldom seen in mainstream bourbon, which we absolutely love to see. Dubbed "Honey & Smoke", it opens with that honey alongside Ritz crackers, elote style roasted corn, cayenne pepper, and a lingering woody smoke. The palate gives you milk chocolate, dried fig, hot buttered rum, herbs, meringue, lemon-pepper, and almonds. That odd and wonderful hint of smoke stays throughout from the nose all the way through to the tail end of the finish. This is almost like an American, corn based version of Highland Park. Aged for 5 years and bottled at 58.5% abv.