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Widow Jane 12 Year Single Barrel #1986 Bourbon

4 Reviews
Just in time for the holiday season to kick off in earnest, we've got a brand new Bitters & Bottles 12 Year private selection from Widow Jane. Our first pick was undoubtedly the most well received single barrel of the year, and this barrel shows an entirely new and equally delicious side of their Indiana distilled, Brooklyn aged, well water proofed bourbon. Characteristically smooth, the whiskey starts off bright, with notes of grapefruit pith, grilled pear, and butterscotch. Mid-palate things turn hefty, and while an underlying marzipan richness carries through, the flavors become decidedly less sweet as smoky oak, bittersweet chocolate, and cherry kola mingle with charred apricot and winter herbs.

Widow Jane's rich and rare bourbons are non-chill filtered & proofed with mineral water from the legendary Rosendale Mines of NY. The 12 Year Single Barrel represents a deeper darker side, a 99 proof single barrel Bourbon selected from the very best casks.