Rum Gift Guide

Uncle Patchy’s Rum Gift Guide
Patrick has rum is his veins and funk in his heart, and he knows exactly what kind of sugarcane catnip to offer Tiki fans.  Consider this list liquid mistletoe for any rum lover you plan to gift. 

Caroni 2000
- A perfect (and pricy) gift for the über-rummy who has everything. Even if they’ve had some Caroni before, nobody can resist some more.

Last Ward - Great for those who love high proofs, true rarities, and woody woody Barbados rums.

Plantation Trinidad Muscat Finish - A rare, California exclusive Plantation bottling that won’t last long, and it’s delicious to boot. A must for any Plantation fan.

Plantation Xaymaca - For the rum cocktailer who needs to add a little subtle color to their mixing. Works equally well in a daiquiri, a baroque tiki drink, or a stirred cocktail.

Clairin Vaval - For the adventurous drinker who loves true agricultural products and big wild flavors. 

Maggie’s Airline Overproof - For the exhausted frequent flyer.

Wright and Brown Brandy Finish - Exclusive to B&B, this is one funky rum that rum drinkers outside our regular customers probably haven’t had a chance to try.

Rhum JM VSOP - A sublime aged rhum agricole that cocktails beautifully but really shines as a sipper, with plenty of subtle complexity. Grassy notes mingle with orange, chocolate, and clove.

Hamilton St Lucia 7 - For the hardcore rum drinker who you think may be in need of some tasty, spicy, funky jet fuel.

Ko Hana Kea - Everyone has someone in their life who is obsessed with Hawaii. This agricole style rum happens to be one of the best products to come out of the Aloha state, ever, so you don’t need to feel too bad about indulging your friend’s Island fetish.

Panama Pacific 9 Year - One of the best dry, spicy column still rums available. A great sipper, but especially built for cocktailing in old school drinks like an El Presidente or a Palmetto.

Appleton Estate Joy - A remarkable ode to the art of blending, made up of Appleton rums between 25 and 35 years old. Amazingly bright, citrusy and spicy for a spirit so well aged, it also features all of the oaken, vanilla notes one would expect. Luxurious.

Plantation Stiggins Fancy - No mortal can deny the charms of this infused masterpiece. A sure bet if there ever was one.

Mt. Gay Origin Series - Any fan of Barbados rum will certainly be tickled by this examination of the two different styles that go into the classic Barbados style blend. An education and a yummy delight.

Velier Hampden - Fans of hot, wet, Jamaican funk rejoice! Hampden is the Valhalla of funk, and this bottling is one of the purest expressions of what they do so well.

OFTD - Deep, dark, and powerful, this masterful overproof blend is a mistress as cruel as the sea herself. You can love her, and you certainly will, but you best not trust her, lest you be sucked into the depths of her stormy wiles.