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Shop Our Store Picks!

Copalli Cacao Rum


The Copal Tree Farms in Belize grow their own organic, heirloom sugar cane and oversee the making of their rum from start to finish. Pure canopy water from the jungles surrounding the distillery is the perfect complement to the flavors of their striking heirloom noble sugarcane varietals. The zero-impact distillery is powered by sustainable, regenerative biomass. Their process supports full-circle conversion of waste from production into agricultural inputs. 

For their Cacao rum, Copalli takes their flagship white rum and place it into a tank to rest with 100% organic, freshly harvested organic Cacao nibs. Over several weeks, the Cacao nibs infuse a rich chocolate flavor and aroma into the rum, which is then redistilled to create a smooth finished product that is delicious on the rocks or in your favorite rum cocktail. Tastes of berries and rich, balanced cocoa. Long and creamy finish. Bottled at 40% abv.