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Foursquare Nobiliary 14 Year Rum

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The twelfth release in Foursquare Distillery's much lauded "Exceptional Cask Series", Nobiliary is also the heftiest entry to date, clocking in at a whopping cask strength of 62% abv. Along with last year's Empery, also a 14 year old, this represents the oldest rum to come out of Foursquare yet, showing a level of maturity hard to come by in rum of this quality. Unlike all the previous "named" releases in the series, Nobiliary features no secondary maturation, just 14 long, hot Bajan years in ex-bourbon barrels. As with all previous releases though, there are no additives of any kind. Just pure Barbados goodness. 

Compared to the 2004, 2005, and 2007 (the only other 100% ex-bourbon bottlings in the series), the nose is quite a bit more subtle and nuanced, particularly surprising given the high proof. Aromas of red apple (a Foursquare ex-bourbon signature it seems), raisins, juicy plums, and figs greet you, along with a lovely hit of bracing ginger. Such an enticing nose. On the palate, those 14 years really come through with a fantastic full bodied character and structure from the oak, and flavors of bright tropical fruits in balance with a tongue tingling spice, particularly black pepper, more ginger, and clove. Again, quite elegant and in balance for such a high-proof monster, but with lots of big pot still character coming through. The finish is long and dry, with more juicy fruit coming in right at the end. Though it doesn't have the sexy appeal of a secondary maturation in wine or cognac casks like others in the Exceptional Cask Series, Nobiliary is sure to be a favorite for Foursquare fans for simply showing the astonishing depth of character that they can achieve in a completely traditional, 100% ex-bourbon aged rum.