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Ron Del Barrilito 5 Star Rum

Every single bottle of Ron del Barrilito holds rum crafted by hand using the same methods since 1880. It’s always been made in very small batches. Absolutely no artificial ingredients or colorings are used. It’s aged to perfection in vintage American white oak sherry barrels. The only differentiating factor between the varieties of Ron del Barrilito is time.

Five Star, aged up to 35 years in American white oak sherry casks, is the first collectible edition of rum from the brand. Created by master blender M. Luis Planas, the first 200 bottles have been individually numbered and reside in a wooden barrel chest. Full Body with strong wood backbone. Aromas of plums, bananas, almonds, vanilla, and caramelized sugar cane. Exceptionally smooth on the palate with a natural sweetness and smoky wood finish.