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Kilkerran Heavily Peated Batch No. 4 Single Malt Scotch


Kilkerran is the flagship whisky made by the Glengyle Distillery, Springbank's sister distillery just down the road in Campbeltown. Reopened just a handful of years ago in 2004 after 80 years of being shuttered, it makes for a wee grand total of three operational distilleries in Campbeltown, once the Victorian capital of whisky-making in Scotland. Their flagship 12 year, a lightly peated malt aged primarily in ex-Bourbon casks with a small percentage of sherry casks mixed in, has become a modern classic that proudly sits aside it's older cousins from the Springbank distillery. They've also released a "Peat-In-Progress" heavily peated bottling each year, highlighting the aging process as it gets older one year at a time, presumably to be followed with a 12 year bottling in time. 

This year brings Batch 4 of this Peat-In-Progress, which is composed of 80% ex-Bourbon casks and 20% sherry casks, aged for an undisclosed amount of time. On the nose, there is salted caramel, iodine, chocolate covered cherries, tropical fruit, lemon oils, and dirty farmy funk. The palate is viscous and full, with sweet toffee, salty air, and peppery zing. Rich notes of cassis, prune, and grapefruit meet a hefty bonfire smoke and black tea. The finish shows more smoke, a hint of mint, and slightly bitter dark chocolate. Bottled at 58.6% abv.